Talia and Chanelle are our West Coast-based nutritionists who assist with all your formulation and order inquiries. We sat them down for a quick-fire round of questions and got them to rate health trends and holiday dishes.

What’s your favourite thing in your fridge or pantry right now?

T: Spinach or power greens

C: Miso paste

What’s your favourite easy weeknight meal?

T: Salmon cooked in the air fryer

C: Vegetable coconut curry

What recipe did you make this season that you got to share?

T: Sweet & savoury beet salad for Christmas dinner

C: Mushroom Wellington

What book are you looking forward to reading this year?

T: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

C: The Maid by Nina Prose

What’s one trend/habit/ritual you’ve heard about recently that you’re looking forward to incorporating?

T: Workouts and stretches that focus on mobility

C: Reformer pilates!

What’s one trend/habit/ritual you’ve heard about recently that you’re skeptical about?

T: “Prime” drinks

C: Goat yoga

What are you releasing this year?

T: Attachments to material objects

C: Stressing about things I cannot control

Are you a morning or night person?

T: Bit of both!

C: Mid-morning 🤭

If you were to start a podcast, what would your podcast be about?

T: Probably discussing random, interesting current events or topics

C: I’d host a trivia podcast!

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