Our new podcast series takes you on a journey into the world of personalization in healthcare, exploring how practitioners are addressing unique individuals, not just conditions.

Hosted by Dr. David Duizer, Personalized will bring you insightful interviews with doctors, researchers, professionals and practitioners who are at the forefront of this medical revolution. Explore the stories behind groundbreaking treatments, innovative technologies, and the incredible impact personalized medicine is having on people’s lives.

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Episode 01: From Struggle to 7-Figure, Heart-Centred Business Owner with Dr. Ashley Mayer ND

Dr. Ashley Mayer ND, also known as Dr. Green Mom, exploded during the pandemic as a trusted voice for parents concerned about vaccine safety and child immunity. In this episode, she talks about how she went from a struggling single mother to a seven-figure business owner by teaching other parents what worked for her daughter.

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Episode 02: Transform Burnout—Reset, Rebalance and Reimagine with Dr. Jannine Krause ND

From working with NFL players and UFC fighters to a newfound passion for helping people age with energy, Dr. Krause talks about how she personally bounced back from burnout and found her passion for practice again.

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Episode 03: Nutrient Forms, Beyond What You Learned in Medical School with Dr. Corina Dinca ND

Nutrient expert and educator Dr. Corina Dinca ND does a deep dive into vitamin and mineral forms. In this masterclass, you will learn about nutrients in a way that isn’t taught in medical school.

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Episode 04: The Evolution of a Practice, Pain & Performance with Dr. Clark Gaston ND

After losing his father to cancer, Dr. Clark Gaston ND went on to create a thriving practice helping people correct nutrient deficiencies and recover from injuries so they can live longer, healthier lives. Dr. Gaston talks about how he started his practice by doing hands-on therapies in gyms, eventually treating NBA players and UFC fighters.

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Episode 05: From Sitting Alone in an Office to a Thriving Practice with Dr. Robert Baritz DC

From DNA testing to acupuncture, over his 35-year career, Dr. Robert Bartiz has helped thousands of people feel better. In this episode, he provides insights on what it truly means to stay curious throughout your career and the innovative way he’s been able to spread his message to people around the world.

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Episode 06: Turning Pain into Power: From Deep Depression to Brain Health Expert with Dr. Romi Fung ND

As a child, Romi Fung struggled with health challenges that seemed impossible to solve. At age 18, he had a breakthrough that lead him not only to heal himself but to become a naturopathic doctor specializing in brain and nervous system health. He teaches us the novel way he assesses and treats his cognitive health patients.

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Episode 07: Never Fear Starting Over with TCM Practitioner Suzanne Swearengen

Chinese Medicine practitioner Suzanne Swearengen shares why we should never be afraid to begin again. And how deep care and empathy ensure happy patients and a thriving practice. From cold laser to acupuncture, Suzanne shares her unique practice style with us.

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Episode 08: Re-Engineering Health with Metabolic, Nutrient and Genetic Optimization with Dr. Heather Bartlett MD

Dr. Heather Bartlett MD is on a mission to transform lives. In this episode, Dr. Bartlett educates us on what it really takes to burn fat and improve metabolism, how to work with your genetics, and ultimately how to find lasting wellness when it feels like the odds are stacked against you.

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Episode 09: From Accidents to Insights, What 5 Million Tests Have Taught IGS CEO Jon Orban About Health

Jon Orban, Founder and CEO of Integrative Genetic Solutions discusses the pivotal role of data analytics in shaping the future of healthcare and what trauma medicine, fintech entrepreneurship, and ultimately, getting hit by a car has taught him about adaptability and perseverance.

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Episode 10: Fitter Than Ever, How Denise Kirtley Went From Pre-diabetes to Fitness Competitions in Three Years

Denise Kirtley is reimagining the aging process for women over 50. In this inspirational episode Denise explains why time is on your side. With discipline, sustainable strategies and a vision of your best self, you CAN age with grace and be fitter than ever.

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Episode 11: How Therapist Melanie Yearow Offers Safety and Hope to People Living With Complex Trauma

Counsellor Melanie Yearow, RPC, MPCC, has dedicated her 30-year career to helping individuals process complex trauma. In this episode, we delve into a therapist’s mind as Melanie discusses the essential skillset practitioners require to assist clients navigating through challenging stages of healing. She shares insights on caring for ourselves while supporting others on their healing journey.

Episode 12: Access Your Wisdom: How To Cultivate Experiences of Inner-Knowing as a Clinician and Business Owner

In this episode, consultant Connie Phenix explains how she assists clinicians and business leaders in tapping into an often-overlooked internal source of wisdom. She shares how we all possess the ability to leverage intuition for improved decision-making and provides insights on cultivating a practice to tune into this inner voice.

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Episode 13: Functional Neurological Health 101 With Dr. Pamela Hutchison

In this episode, Dr. Pamela Hutchinson ND tells an inspiring story of how a severe neurological impairment in her sister led her to dedicate her life and practice to uncovering the secrets to better nervous system and brain health. She explains her personalized approach to brain health and shares the actionable steps she takes in her own practice when caring for patients with neurological conditions, mental health concerns and complex chronic disorders.

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Episode 14: Lab Tests to Mindset: Optimizing Fertility with Dr. Sarah Zadek ND

In this episode, Dr. Sarah Zadek deep dives into her testing process, sharing her expertise and recommendations to support patients on the path to fertility. She works with females and couples to get to the root cause of their infertility guiding them through a lens of personalization.    

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Meet Dr. David Duizer 

Dr. Duizer is a naturopathic doctor with a special interest in the holistic approach to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autoimmune disease. His clinical focus is to address the cause of disease and support the body’s ability to heal naturally. Through advanced laboratory testing and the use of nutrition, lifestyle modification, herbal medicine, orthomolecular medicine, intravenous therapy and physical medicine Dr. Duizer aims to reduce symptoms and reverse disease processes.

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