We might be biased, but we wholeheartedly believe that one of the best feelings in the world is the feeling you get when you put your health first — the uplifting and energizing sensation that takes over when you know you’ve done something right for yourself. Investing in supplements that will support our mental and physical well-being does just that! We also know that new protocols and supplements can sometimes feel overwhelming – what are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to vitamins? Well, you’re in the right place and you’re about to find out! Our in-house nutrition nerds curated a list of all the hot tips you need to get the most out of your supplement routine. 

1. How do I build a routine?

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again (and probably again, and again), we love having a routine! No matter what it looks like we believe that giving yourself a routine provides you with a sense of accomplishment. And, let’s face it, whether you like to admit it or not, humans are creatures of habit – tuning into what feels right and making a morning and/or evening ritual is one of the best things you can do to support your mental well-being. 

Always keep in mind that you’re completely one of a kind, and your routine doesn’t need to mirror that of an influencer you saw on Instagram, or include anything beyond your means because that’s what’s “in vogue”. It just has to be something that benefits you and fits your schedule!

Fun Fact: did you know that a mere 5% of your thoughts are conscious? The other 95% are subconscious and formed habits. A habit is a routine behaviour, but at one point or another, it was something we had to learn. Think of it this way: at one point in your life, when you decided you’d become a coffee drinker, you made your first ever batch of coffee, this was a conscious thought. Now, rolling out of bed and tossing on a fresh pot is so habitual and routine that it becomes a subconscious thought. Start mixing in your supplements to another part of your routine, like after breakfast, and eventually, it will fall into that subconscious thought category. 

2. What time of day should I take my vitamins?

Timing is everything, some say. We say it’s ideal, but not mandatory. While we suggest taking your supplements at the same time every day, this is more to help you get into the habit and has very little to do with efficacy. That said, if one of your health goals is to support your energy levels and you have some stimulating vitamins and herbs in your formula, you’re definitely better off taking it in the AM for that energy boost.

The most important thing to remember is if you forget it in the morning, don’t write it off for the rest of the day! You still have lunch and dinner ahead of you. Setting an alarm, or programming it into a habit-tracking app is a great gentle reminder to take your supplements at the time that’s most convenient for you! 

3. Should I take my supplements with or without food?  

That is the question. We pretty much always recommend taking your supplements with food. Since a custom formula is like taking all your supplements in one fell swoop, there’s likely a good mix of vitamins and minerals in your formula that are either better absorbed with food, and some, specifically magnesium and iron, that may be hard on your stomach when taken without. 

Fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) are also better absorbed when taken with fat. If you take your supplements at breakfast time, try adding in some hemp seeds to your smoothie, or almond butter to your oats to increase your fat intake. 

4. How much of each vitamin do I need? 

Call us nerds, but this part truly lights us up. We know that supplements are not a one-size-fits-all, that’s why the dosages in your custom formula are specific to you — so you get everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 

There are a few ways to determine your dosage. You can:

  • Work with a practitioner who can formulate your stack 
  • Use DNA test results to formulate a supplement based on your genetics 
  • Take our online quiz
  • Chat with our in-house nutritionists who can formulate based on your health goals

It can take anywhere from 3-6 months to start noticing the benefits of a personalized supplement, but beyond this point, you should start to experience more energy, improved sleep and better digestion. If you’re unsure about your formula and the dosages, you can always adjust your dose prior to your next refill.  

5. Do I need to take my supplements every day?

So what happens if you miss a day? Honestly, not much. We know that life happens, and we know that sometimes a few days will be missed, especially when adding supplements to your routine for the first time — it happens to the best of us. We’re all about giving yourself grace and forgetting a day or two is no big deal.

That said, the best way to reap the benefits is by being consistent. So if you forget a day, jump back in tomorrow! The forgotten days here and there will slide, but the only way to start noticing improved sleep, mental clarity and energy levels is to take your formula consistently.  

And just like that, you know all the secrets! As always, we’re here to support and lend a hand if you need it. Don’t be shy and reach out if you have any questions.

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