Create a unique, personalized health experience and formula for your customers, while creating stable recurring revenue.

VitaminLab helps close the loop on testing, creating a next step for your customers that wonder What’s next?

We Partner With:

  • DNA Testing Companies
  • Blood Testing Companies
  • Genetic Insight Providers
  • Wellness Report Providers

What’s in it for you?

Recurring Revenue Model

Custom vitamins are a logical and economical next step for you and your users which can help you increase your customers lifetime value as well!

No Inventory Management

We drop ship to your users directly!

Personalized To Your Reporting

VitaminLab produces a custom formula for your customers from your reporting, making the vitamins unique to your service and to them!

Become a Partner

We will get in touch with you shortly after you submit the form!

Partnering with us has perks for your
customer base too!

Incentivize Them to Take The Next Step

Customers often struggle to put insight into actions. Help them take their next step in improving their healthcare by changing their supplement regimen and switching to custom vitamins.

Our formulas contain no artificial fillers or magnesium stearate, and can be formulated with gluten and vegan friendly options.

Truly Personalized Vitamin & Experience

Our vitamin is one formula, and truly custom to each customer-- nothing like your typical vitamin pack.

VitaminLab provides a custom vitamin as a feedback loop and creates an incentive for frequent re-testing, helping you keep your customers more engaged.

Save Them Time
+ Money

Customers spend long amounts of time searching for the vitamins they need and often end up with multiple vitamin bottles, costing them time and money.

We offer your users a single formula, saving them over 20% - with everything they need and nothing they don’t.

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