A new personalized
health experience for your customers.

VitaminLab helps close the loop on testing,
creating a next step for your customers wondering “What’s next?”

Expand your wellness-based
business without the hassle

Bioavailable Ingredients

Bioavailable Ingredients

Precisely Formulated

Precisely Formulated

No Artificial Fillers

No Artificial

Recurring Revenue Model

Custom vitamins are a logical and economical next step for you and your customers. Help your customers achieve their health goals through personalization, while increasing their lifetime value!


An All-In-One Personalized Supplement

Made exactly to each individual based on actionable health data: blood, DNA, urine or health. Formulated with professional grade, bioavailable ingredients.

Drop shipped directly to your customers quarterly.


A Truly Collaborative Partnership

We work closely with your science and product teams to create a ruleset specific to your unique customer base. We’ll also collaborate on marketing to ensure a successful launch.


Partnering with us has more perks
for your customers

Filler-Free, High Quality Ingredients

Our formulas contain no artificial fillers or magnesium stearate, and can be formulated with vegan and gluten friendly optionss.

Higher Engagement

VitaminLab provides a custom vitamin as a feedback loop and creates an incentive for frequent re-testing, helping you keep your customers more engaged.

Greater Overall Savings

We offer your users a single formula, saving them over 20% - with everything they need and nothing they don’t.

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