VitaminLab comes in a capsule or powder form. Our powder as a mixed berry flavor, and is sweetened naturally with stevia. Our capsule comes as a gelatin or vegetable capsule. Just simply follow directions and add 1 teaspoon per day to 250 ml of cold water. For best taste, we suggest to drink immediately after mixing. Your formula comes with a container that holds the formula and 1 scoop.

Just simply follow directions on your label. For the powder, follow the grams for you particular formulas and add to 250 ml of cold water. For best taste, we suggest to drink immediately after mixing. For capsules, follow you suggested daily capsule dose. Your formula comes with a container that holds the formula and 1 scoop (powder).

We have found that most people need to take new vitamins or supplements for at least 3 to 6 months to notice a difference in their health and well-being. As a result, our formulas are typically sent as 3-month formulas to provide you the most cost-effective option while ensuring you assess your formula for efficacy.

Changes can always be made to your formulas at any time prior to your next supply.

VitaminLab is a subscription service that sends your formula automatically to you, and bills your formulas every month. You can modify or cancel your plan up to 14 days prior to your renewal date.

Our formulas are made in a FDA licensed facility in Canada, and we are located in British Columbia, Canada.

No. We are pleased to offer that sales tax and duties for US customers are fully included in the monthly price already.

Yes, we are pleased to offer that shipping is included with our orders.

Yes, we accept all forms of blood and DNA testing from many of the major companies including Spectracell, Genova Diagnostics, 23&Me, DNAFit and InsideTracker. Simply choose the Upload Testing option,

If you chose VitaminLab through our Lifestyle Quiz, it takes approximately 7-10 business days to be sent to you, depending on your location in the world.

VitaminLab with Micronutrient Testing takes 4-7 days to be delivered to you after your consultation with our physician. Nutrient Test results typically take 2 weeks from when it is received at the lab.


We have partnered our body chemistry testing and DNA to be performed by the top nutrient testing and DNA testing companies.

We send your BCT kit or DNA kit to you within 3-4 days of purchase, with detailed instructions, and a pre-paid delivery slip.

Our BCT works with hundreds of labs across the country, free of charge. While our DNA test you can run in the comfort of your own home.

To find a draw site near you, please see the locations here:

If a draw site is not listed near you, you can take your test kit to a local blood test lab and pay a small fee for a draw.

After your blood has been drawn, please have the lab forward the completed blood work, using the pre-paid delivery slip, to Spectracell within 24 hours.

DNA test kits are sent with the pre-paid delivery slips by you to our testing facility,

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