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I like the idea of having to combine multiple vitamin products in one take without losing the time quality and cost of the product. My first order was an immune supplement created for me, which didn’t take long for me to receive in my hands. Thanks to Vitaminlab, I can now enjoy the leisure of having multiple vitamins on the go while avoiding getting sick!”

James, 25 years old, Victoria
Member since 2016

Vitamins Reinvented

What is VitaminLab?

VitaminLab provides you a personalized vitamin based on your body chemistry. Using your health history or vitamin testing, we create your own daily, single formula vitamin.

With VitaminLab, you get:

take a health quiz and find out what vitamins you need
Health Quiz

Know the exact vitamins you need.

Get micronutrient testing to formulate your custom vitamin
Micronutrient Testing

Know your exact vitamin levels & the vitamins you need.

vitamin formulated for once per day
One a Day Formula

Get all your vitamins, minerals and supplements together.

Vitamin and nutrition advice backed by doctors
Trusted Doctor Advice

Have your results reviewed & recommended by our doctors.

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Personalized vitamins have many benefits:

Easy Dosing

Only take one powder or capsule for all your supplement needs.

Taking too many tablets can be overwhelming. Our unique powder or capsule covers 90% of your vitamins and minerals, plus all of your supplements, so you only have to take one formula.

All Natural

Safe, food-based and quality ingredients in your body.

Our formulas have all-natural ingredients such as beetroot, stevia and prebiotics. We are proud to say our formulas are food-based, have no added fillers and are gluten-free/vegan friendly. No artificial ingredients, sugar or sweeteners here!

no filler and non-gmo custom multi-vitamin

Trusted Advice

Get the vitamin formulas backed by science.

Our team of doctors and pharmacists asses your health quiz and lab work in real-time, and use research from top clinical trials to create your unique vitamin.

Vitalab vitamins are research based and doctor backed. Picture of a pharmacist.

Save on your supplements.

We save you up to 20% on your vitamins and supplements. By bottling only one formula, the savings is passed onto you.

VitaminLab = Extra Savings + Easy Dosing

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Testing already done?

We work with and accept results from these leading nutrient and genetic testing companies:


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