With the current advancements in technology, it is seen that more and more clinics are switching to using digital health tech to their benefit at their offices as well as for managing their client base remotely. At the current rate of advancements, and as more people rely on readily available health data and analysis, offering patients services through the latest digital health technology has become a crucial must for clinics worldwide. 

Why bring digital health technology to your clinic? 

Bringing digital health technology into your clinic helps your patients become active participants in the management of their own health, by providing them with user-friendly tools that they can connect to easily. Using these technologies allows both patients and practitioners to monitor and check in with each other – a huge benefit for those who live remotely and do not have regular access to their health care provider. Digital health technology can reach far more people, improving the health of mass populations. 

Proactively managing patients health using digital technologies can also help limit visits to the clinic, hospital and/or emergency room, ultimately decreasing healthcare costs. 

What types of clinics would benefit from this?

The short and quick answer is… all clinics would benefit from using digital health technology (DHT)! For specialty clinics particularly, DHT can be extremely beneficial for keeping patients accountable and can be the difference between a successful health care plan and an unsuccessful one. 

Weight and lifestyle management clinics rely on patient engagement and accountability in order to be successful. Retaining all the information that is given to a patient from their practitioner can be overwhelming – research has shown that patients typically forget 40-80% of their clinical session. Therefore making this information available for the patient to refer to at any time is convenient and increases the likelihood of a successful plan. Maintaining motivation is also a challenge, but DHT can help foster a sense of community that can increase both external and internal motivation. DHT also improves a clinician’s ability to support their patients by reinforcing treatment goals and strengthening the practitioner-patient relationship. In addition to this technology, including a personalized formula that focuses on researched weight loss supplements can make a good health care plan into a great one!

Practitioners can help their patients work towards their goals by using DHT to educate, empower and help their patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. 

Digital health tech is not limited to just weight loss. It can be used for clinics specializing in sports, chiropractic care, anti-aging or and even general practice. It can be the difference between unhappy patients and stressed out staff, to a cohesive and successful environment for everyone.  

How can you make the switch?

At VitaminLab, we believe that having partnerships with healthcare providers and companies who share similar views on digitizing the health care system across the country will help us achieve greater results. CoachCare is a technology platform that empowers health clinics specializing in weight loss, pain management and chiropractic care. CoachCare offers a custom-branded mobile app, dashboard and connected devices in one integrated platform. This award winning technology can improve patient care and increase clinic revenues by 12% on average! 

Using CoachCare to bring digital health technology to your clinic will: 

  • Increase patient engagement
  • Improve patient retention
  • Maximize referrals and positive feedback
  • Improve quality of care through enhanced clinician-patient engagement
  • Reduce administrative burdens

90% of patients are highly satisfied with CoachCare’s app, and believe that it helps them comply with their treatment. Using CoachCare and VitaminLab, patients and practitioners can enjoy having access to one of the best healthcare platforms as well as having their very own personalized supplements. This will empower patients to take charge of their own health and help them stay on track.

Digital health tech devices and services offered by CoachCare.

Contact CoachCare and get your clinic set up with a DHT platform. 

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